Freelance graphic designer
with over 6years experience
in brand development,
web development
and printing.

A mailshot - Origamy Business Card

Sample Corporate Business Card

  • Princhipeh


  • Area

    Business Stationery

A two - Sided Invitation Card

Sample Corporate Invitation
  • Client

  • Area

    Design, Invitation

12- Page Order of Service Design

Designed to suit your wedding theme and all other occasions
  • Client

    Anita & Adu
  • Area

    Design, Wedding

Frimprince Mix Cover

A cover made for a digital distribution album..
  • Client

    Frimprince Music Productions
  • Area

    Layout, Illustration


Design flyers for all kinds of events. We print and deliver flyers to your door
  • Evangelist DIana Asamoah

    Edward Wontorra
  • Area

    Graphic Design

Our Services

Branding & Packaging

Branding is a vital process for businesses. It is crucial that your brand stands out from the crowd.

Graphic Design

Get to understand my clients orders and make sure I work with them until they are fully satisfied

Web Design

I develop web experiences from design to final product. Also provide web hosting services and domain purchase and registration.

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