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Music App


A concept mobile application which
allows users to listen to music based on
what their friends are listening to.


Concept App


July – September 2020

Our Services

  • Wireframing (Low to High Fidelity)

  • Prototyping and Mockup Design

  • Brand Identity

  • UI Styling Guide

  • Information Architecture

  • Usability Testing

The Goal

A music app that brings people together through music. Users can listen to music their friends are listening to and check reviews of the song

Problem : There are other mobile application that offers the same kind of service but the difference in this is the user can communicate with friends using the same app.

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Helen Keller

Identifying Design Patterns

Gathering Input: This will be used in my app to gather information from users, I would like to get to know their email address to be able to send them new promotional songs/albums on the app. 

Navigation: I would like to own an app which makes it easier for users to move from one place to the other. I will definitely be using the scroll bar and the navigation bar to help users move up and down on the screen.

Data Management: Being a music app, the app will have a proper data management interface, not only to make it easier for users to have everything they are looking for in few clicks but to be visually appealing.

Social: I will like people to be connected one way or the other to be able to engage with one another. Will be using patterns such as badge numbers on likes and comment

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Mid Fidelity Wireframes

The Result

After performing user testings using 3 friends who used other music streaming apps, i made changes that would benefit the user and proceeded to more testing. The final design is what is shown at the left. The product was launched on the various presentation website. 

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