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Bringing wealth to H&M
Ecommerce App New Feature


H&M Group


July – September 2020


Product Designer

Our Services

  • Information Architecture

  • Wireframing (Low to High Fidelity)

  • Protyping and Mockup Design

  • UI Styling Guide

  • Presentation to stakeholders

The Goal

Our team at Omnio suggested a feature to bring more wealth and engagement to the H&M group.

This new feature will allow users to own a digital account which can be used to shop on H&M apps and other third party apps to gain cashbacks.

Problem : With the ever growing fashion world, users are finding simple way of buying online where as retailers are looking for the best methods to engage their customers. Currently the H&M group doesnt have any feature for users to own digital account nor reward customers frequent their online store. This new feature will address all these issues

Bad design process is expensive.

Helen Keller

Design Process

This being a finished prototype to prospective clients, the entire project was carried out across 4 sprints (8 Weeks)

User Journey Plan

High Fidelity Wireframes


The entire project was presented to the H&M group
who loved the idea so much especially the simplicity
of the onboarding Journey and the impressive use
of gamifications.

Full Case Study Available on request

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