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Messaging App


A hypothetical messaging


Concept App


July – September 2020

Our Services

  • Wireframing (Low to High Fidelity)

  • Protyping and Mockup Design

  • Brand Identity

  • UI Styling Guide

  • Information Architecture

  • Usability Testing

  • Visual Hierachy

The Goal

Create an interactive animation of a messaging app thats simple to use and fully functional

Problem : Unlike the 90’s where the only way you could get information to people was mainly through using the post office, these days thanks to platforms like whatsapp and facebook, we can get information to people easily. 

Unfortunately a lot of these platforms such as viber and the rest do not place the needs of the user first, the user finds it difficult to locate simple funcitons.

Main Screens


UI Elements


The Result

Final project was released on the various social media platforms to ask for feedback from other designers.  

An animation video has been created below to show how users interact with the application.

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