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Lipto Balm

An environmental friendly lip balm made simply from natural shea butter.


Lipto Limited


July – September 2020


  • User research

  • Mockup Design

  • Brand Development

  • Product Testing

The Problem

The target audience for the set product were both male and female. Market research reveals a lot of natural lip balm products appealed to more women due to the nature of their design

The Goal

The design packaging of lipto UNISEX, needs to appeal to everyone irrespective of your gender or race. The package design will be simple, use uniform colours of shea and kept in containers which appeals to everyone

Developing The Brand

Making a Choice

Design 1
Used the colours of shea to create a simple brand image for Lipto, the leaf of the shea plant

Design 2 
The use of the shea plant as a pattern around the label is showing the natural nature of the

Colour Pallete

Colour is one thing that every brand must select carefully. Being a cosmetic product, i wanted to choose colors that are aesthetically beautiful. These color should also represent the production of the shea butter.


Final Label Design

Packaging Design

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