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Location App


A concept mobile application which
allows users to car share with other riders.


Concept App for Digitized Africa Project


June – July

Our Services

  • Creating A User Persona
  • Lean UX
  • User Testing (A & B Testing)
  • Wireframing (Low Fidelity)

  • Generating User Flows

  • Usability Testing

The Goal

A mobile and web application which allow users to share journeys with drivers when travelling to the same destination at the same time. Works like Uber but the only difference is drivers are not private hire licensed but mere people who love to share their cars with other riders.

Key Audience: People living in Africa

Purpose and Context : This project was completed as part of Career Foundry’s UI Design program. We were asked to create a responsive web app for location-based recommendations that meets the requirements of its users and solves the problems they face with existing location-based recommendation apps


Being a ride sharing application to be used in Africa, I had to research on other car sharing apps already used in Africa.


Rapid urbanization is driving the need for transportation, and where public infrastructure is lacking, online ridesharing is filling the gap. 


What will the Service do?
The application will organise journeys drivers are willing to take and find users who are looking to take that same journey and pair the two.

What kinds of tasks and goals will your audience be accomplishing as they use your website or app?
The application will organize journeys drivers are willing to take and find users who are looking to take that same journey and pair the two. Drivers can describe the kind of person they would like to travel with (e.g. Non smoker) to make their journey a pleasant one.


When will your audience be engaging with your product?
Any time they want to move from point A to B without spending too much on transportation. Users will mostly use their smartphones or mobile devices to access the application. They will probably be when they need to make a journey .

Why is your audience choosing to use what you’ve designed and what drives this behavior?
Firstly, they will be saving money, Secondly, sharing a ride goes a long way to help reduce climate pollution, and last but not least another great way to get to know people

User Personas

Job To be Done

User Flow


This was generated through the user stories mentioned above

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Mid Fidelity Wireframes

High – Fid Wireframes

This was developed from feedback gathered from user testing. Information architecture was used in identifying which elements should be displayed on the various devices.

Booking Screen

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